The Letter


kokorokami heart card

  • 2009

It is comprised of a postcard that a heart form was impressed in the center of the card and some messages leading time to color the heart form.

The one who becomes the heart-shaped “painter”
with a Heart Card in hand, will, through its message,
try to touch — inside one’s heart —
one’s own volatile and shapeless “memory”

to extract a certain texture of that “memory”, or even one’s own touch of life,
and to sublimate it onto the colors and particles through this act of ‘painting’ the heart-shape.

When this painted Heart Card
is handed to “someone” that was recalled beyond the message,
this ‘heart-shaped’ signifiant (sign)
begins to refine these painted colors and particles
into a signifie (remembrance itself).

This Heart Card creates such opportunity and narrative.

  • 心紙 kokorokami heart card
  • The Letter
  • 2009
  • Material : Fine Papers, Blue ink
  • Size:10 × 15 cm
  • Form: Letter


9 hearts

  • 2009-2010

Handing the “Heart Card” to a few men and women.

With the support of those who fit into (or select)
one of the messages held by the “Heart Card”,

I created a document of nine people
who confronted the act of “painting” the heart-shape
and its message.

Those who fit into the message held by the “Heart Card”
also evokes the presence of the receiver that appears in the message.

This document
is recorded until the painted heart-shape is delivered to this receiver.

The Heart Card becomes a trigger to highlight personal narratives and relationships.

9hearts No.9 from "D"

If you are in the place where you think is happiest in your life
Color this heart in your way
And give it to your mother and your father or someone you trust as much
With your name on it

9hearts No.4 from "H"

If you are facing with the death of your cared one
Color this heart in your way
And place it close to him

9hearts No.3 from "T"

If you are having a lot of anxiety in your mind
Take this card with you to someone you know
And ask him to Color this heart in his way

  • 9 hearts
  • 2009-2010
  • Material : Fine Papers, Blue ink, Art supplies, photos, Video
  • Size:Dimension variable
  • Form: Installation
  • Venues:The 150th Anniversary Opening of The Seaport Of Yokohama

"kokorokami Heart Card:The fifth message"

  • 2009
  • workshop

"心紙 Heart Card : The fifth message"

If you feel that you are ‘alive’
Color this heart in your way
And send it to someone
Or maybe to yourself