I am interested in the continuity between some impressive scenes that everyday people have experienced in life and the passage of everyday time when they have been continuing to ruminate the memories, culturing that scene in their mind so as not to forget.

I am always looking for something contacting with the symbolic moments and impressive scenes for someone.
My hope is to see that a sign of something, coincidence, and some moods hidden in such moments and scenes appear in "the current time". I structure installation art as a means of it.

By my installations, I am trying for reflecting expanse and suggestiveness of a long time in someone's life while reflecting expanse and suggestiveness of a moment in someone's life in the same space at a time. I think about it when I structure a single narrative through one of somebody, likewise when structuring such as a collection of short stories treating the plural stories of plural people synchronically.

I think that anyone lives in the solitary island called "I".

When the person focused on the certain fragmentary part and scene in somebody's life, even if it is mingled with fictions there, he has the possibility to project "something that comes to mind" on the screen installed on the solitary island called "I", this thing should be obviously connected with the documentary of his "I" own.

My artworks are perceived by the audience who has such experiences as "I".

I stand on the periphery of the world and present my artwork as a narrative for reminding "I" to bring about a space to be able to remind someone of something anytime.


そして、そういった瞬間や場面に潜んでいる、ある兆しや予感、何かしらの符合、未来や過去を想起させる気配が「現在の時間」の中に立ち現れることを望んでいます。 その手段として、インスタレーション作品をつくっています。

人々の一生のうちの長い時間の広がりと余韻、そして、その一生のうちの一瞬、一時の出来事の広がりと余韻を同じ空間のなかで同時に表現することを模索しています。 それは誰か一人のひとつの物語をモチーフにする場合でも、複数の人の複数の物語を共時的に扱う短編集のような作品をつくる場合でも同様に考えていることです。


人は、誰かの人生のなかの断片的なある部分や場面にフォーカスしたとき、そこにフィクションが入り混じっていたとしても 「私」という孤島のスクリーンに「思い当たる何か」を映し出す可能性をもっていて、それはまぎれもなく「私」自身のドキュメントと繋がっているはずです。