• 13th shiseido art egg Kiyono Kobayashi Exhibition

    2019.8.2(FRI)ー 8.25(SUN)

    Gallery Talk 8.3(STA)14:00~14:30

    Shiseido Gallery
    Tokyo Ginza Shiseido Building B1F
    8-8-3, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
    Weekdays: 11:00 AM—7:00 PM
    Sundays and national holidays: 11:00 AM—6:00 PM
    Closed: Mondays (including national holidays falling on Monday)
    Free admission

  • -Interview Session Therapy Practice "When you cross, Your voice narrated by you" Exhibition

    16.Nov (Fri) - 18.Nov (Sun) , 2018

    TERATOTERA祭り2018 Walls –わたしたちを隔てるもの- [Mitaka, Tokyo]

  • -End of Summer- OPEN STUDIO

    26.Aug (Sun) , 2018

    Yale Union
    Portland, United States

  • - New work "Polyphony 1945" -

    9.Sep (Sta) - 9.Oct (Mon) , 2017

    NAKANOJO BIENNALE [Nakanojo, Gunma, Japan]

    In this exhibition, I present a new polyphonic sound installation. It features voices of reading old letters written to one school companion from 7 young women who started to become adults in 1940s. This work delivers the new reality and a narrative that transcend time and space, by overlapping small episodes and monologues which emerge simultaneously and change in a diachronic way.

  • - The world is not in isolation -

    21.May (Tues) - 11.Jun (Tues) , 2015

    Galerie Liusa Wang [Pari, France]

    Kobayashi shows the installation "children of light," and "get closer" produced in 2015 .

  • the essay for NIPAF'14 catalogue

    Kobayashi wrote the essay about the NIPAF performance art Asian tour that I participated in 2014.

    English translation:Erika Ishibashi

    *Please contact me if you are interested in this catalogue.

  • The 20th Nippon International Performance Art Festival 2014

    - Tokyo -
    Date:Jul. 21(Mon), 22(Tue), 23(Wed) Door open 6:30 PM, Start 7:00 PM
    Venue:3331 Arts Chiyoda(Subway "Suehiro-Cho")

    - Osaka -
    Date:Jul. 25(Fri), 26(Sat), 27(Sun) Door open 6:30 PM, Start 7:00 PM (except Jul.27, Start 4:00 PM)
    Venue:Creative Center Osaka C.C.O.(Subway "Kitakagaya")

    - Nagano -
    Date:30(Wed), 31(Thu) Door open 6:30 PM, Start 7:00 PM
    Venue:Neon Hall(JR "Nagano")

    Ticket:Student advance 2,200 yen, door 2,500 yen, Adult advance 2,500 yen, door 2,800 yen, High School 1,500 yen
    Organizer:Nippon International Performance Art Festival (NIPAF)
    Cooperate:3331 Arts Chiyoda, Creative Center Osaka (C.C.O.), Neon Hall
    Support:Japan Arts Fund, Osaka Chishima Creative Foundation, Nagano City Arts Fund,the Casimir Eigensatz Foundation Luzern / Switzerland

    Foreign artists;1 Bartolomé Ferrando (Spain, Valencia, Male)2 Monika Günther & Ruedi Schill (Switzerland, Luzern, Female & Male)3 Richard Kitta (Slovakia, Kosice, Male)4 Moeen Fatma (India, Delhi, Female)5 Linh Puong Nguyen (Vietnam, Hanoi, Female)6 Shaila Jinnat Runi (Bangladesh, Khulna, Female)7 Riti Maharjan (Nepal, Lalitpur, Female)8 Watan Wuma (Taiwan, Hsinchu, Male)9 Sung Neung Kyung (Korea, Seoul, Male)

  • Seiji Shimoda presents “Performance Art Today, NIPAF Today” (NIPAGEN) Vol.25

    Dec.9 (Mon), 2013
    Start:7:00 PM
    Venue:Kid Ailack Art Hall (Keio Inokashira Line Meidai Mae Stn. 1 min.)
    Ticket:Reservation Adult ¥1,800 , Student ¥1,500 Door +¥200

    Part 1: Video+Talk
    Part 2: Live Performance
    Cooperate:Kid Ailack Art Hall


    " NIPAF - IN:ACT 2013 "
    Date:August 7th-9th, 2013
    Venue:Nhà Sàn Collective , Hanoi

    "Japanese Performance Art Exchange in Myanmar"
    Date:August 3th-5th, 2013
    Venue:New Zero Art Space , Yangon

  • "On the Steps 2013"

    Date:Feb 4th-16th, 2013 ( close on Sunday )
    Open Hours:12:00~19:00 ( last day 17:00 )
    Venue:Steps Gallery / Ginza,Tokyo