children of light ,

  • 2015
  • Galerie Liusa Wang / Paris, France
    steps gallery / Tokyo, Japan

In her mind, the appreciation of art is of the same importance as the creation of art as both the artists and the audiences have responsibility for artworks: artists are in charge of the explanation, while the audiences’ aim is perceptibility. This is true for her creative works of whatever material or theses, with the main goal of clearly expressing the artist’s purpose. With this attitude, she created “ Children of Light” – seven emails which were embroided on seven different colors of cloth.Each email functions as poetry and the intense colors represent her emotions. In those emails, one undergoes a completely new sentimental experience in the perfect connection between literature and art.(  © Galerie Liusa Wang  )

  • "children of light"
  • Material : Cotton fabric and Cotton yarn, D-print and Polyester yarn
  • Size:651 × 425 mm, 224 × 325 mm, 227 × 158 mm
  • Form: Installation
  • Venues: Galerie Liusa Wang / Paris, France , steps gallery,Tokyo
  • Translation:Erika Ishibashi