Memories Of The Future

  • 2011
  • Spiral / Tokyo

For several years now, someone called Y has been sending me countless emails. They were about Y’s thoughts on life, stories about his mother or sibling, memories of childhood, letters (or poems) addressed to someone called ‘you,’ unfinished fairytales, or music that he constantly hears. I was certainly attracted to these lyrical emails—yet, what is more, the presentiments of Y’s words and will contrasted greatly with his incompletion, which allowed me to recognize the limitations of time in ‘life’ and the conditions of ‘eternity.’ Nonetheless, I lost contact with Y after a while. I visited Y’s native Fukumitsu and then Y’s present location in Tokyo, and also followed the footprints of Y’s brother in hope to find traces of where they set off. Y’s emails, photographed documentary, and the keepsakes of the journey will be exhibited in an attempt to bridge the intercommunication between the ‘current,’ with its open space, and the ‘past,’ when these emails were written, and the ‘far past,’ which is a point of time so long ago.

  • "Memories Of The Future"
  • 2011
  • Material : Output paper, Ink-jet print, C print, cutting sheet, Wooden table, Plywood, Acrylic, Flower arrangement, River water, River soil, Book, Map, Score, etc
  • size:Dimension variable
  • Form: Installation
  • Venues: "SICF11 Spiral Independent Creators festival" spiral,Tokyo
  • Translation:Erika Ishibashi